SafeMoney Finance Introduction

SafeMoney is a whole new vision launching with a purpose to change the way cryptocurrencies are transacted and is used to generate income for its holders. The SafeMoney smart contract automatically applies a 2% fee on all transactions to be proportionally distributed to the holders of SafeMoney. The more SafeMoney holdings means the more income from the SafeMoney distribution. As long as SafeMoney is held in the wallet, the number of SafeMoney tokens will always be increasing without any need for the input of the SafeMoney holder. Once having built a strong base of SafeMoney token holders, SafeMoney will launch its very own Binance Smart Chain (BSC) IDO (Initial DEX Offering) platform SafeLaunch!

SafeMoney also applies a 2% fee which is fully used to be automatically added to the liquidity pool of SafeMoney. The process is automated and is held autonomously by the SafeMoney smart contract running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Ever growing and locked liquidity of SafeMoney allows an ever-increasing price floor as well as a bigger liquidity pool for smooth transactions on the decentralized exchanges which SafeMoney is listed on.

Overview of the SafeMoney Finance

SafeMoney is an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol aiming to automatically and directly reward its holders while concurrently increasing the size of liquidity pool to have an ever-increasing price floor.

All the features of SafeMoney is guaranteed by the smart contract working autonomously on the decentralized Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is funded by a 4% tax taken from each and every transaction which is then fully reflected back to the community of the SafeMoney holders.

2% proportionally distributed SafeMoney tokens to the SafeMoney holders

2% Automatic LP generation and addition to the SafeMoney liquidity pool

Reflection of the SafeMoney Finance

SafeMoney resides within a class of token which rewards investors just for holding, the amount of rewards received increases over time the longer an investor holds for, along with an increasing price due to the forever increasing price floor by forever added liquidity with each and every transaction.

Holders are also rewarded for the success of SafeMoney with higher transaction volumes which lead to increased cumulative trading fees thus increased rewards for distribution per daily basis.

As the SafeMoney team, we believe, aforementioned mechanism of SafeMoney provides its investors with an active stake in the success of SafeMoney where all investors benefit equally proportional to the stake they have in their investment.

SafeMoney Liquidity Pool

SafeMoney was launched with an initial supply of liquidity in the form of BNB/SAFEMONEY LP Tokens. Ownership of the tokens was renounced by sending them to the burn address which effectively burned the ownership of the LP Tokens which effectively created a 100% safe environment for trading or holding of SafeMoney tokens forever. Below address may be searched on to further

Burn address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

The Ever-Growing Burn Address Functioning as a True Black Hole

According to the general relativity, in space, the Black Hole is known to have an ever-lasting consumption of the stars. According to the developers of SafeMoney, the Black Hole of the SafeMoney in the decentralized finance crypto space, is working as a non-stop center of consumption of the SafeMoney tokens. Therefore, the burn address is also one of the holders of the liquidity as well as some portion of the total supply of the SafeMoney tokens, the burn address -without any means of access by anyone to the address- will also be receiving LP tokens as well as tokens from the total 4% transaction fee collected. This account will also act like a mandatory and permanent holder of the SafeMoney tokens as well as forever liquidity provider. Consecutively, the burn address also acts as a means of reducing the total supply by working as a wallet taking some of the tokens out of circulation forever which will create deflation of the total supply which in basic economic terms means increase in the price of SafeMoney in both short and long term.


SafeLaunch is the IDO (Initial DEX offering) platform which would be open for the use of anyone with an access to the Binance Smart Chain. SafeMoney tokens will be used to allow access to higher tiers for the upcoming IDOs. The autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol of SafeMoney will both protect and reward the long-term holders of the SafeMoney token holders while they may prefer to keep their tokens between different IDOs are launched on the platform. More information about SafeLaunch will be announced as we close into the launch of the platform accordingly with the roadmap.